The Unique and Its Property

“Some call it The Anarchists’ Bible, others call it The Billionaires’ Bible
—Benjamin R. Tucker

“A veritable Breviary of Destruction, a striking and dangerous book.”
—James Huneker in The New York Times


The Unique and Its Property brings to the world a radical view: egoism, the notion that the individual is the measure of all things. Max Stirner’s opus was first published in Germany in 1844. In 1907 Benjamin R. Tucker published the first English-language translation of Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum, carried out by Steven T. Byington and titled The Ego and His Own. Every edition of Stirner’s book since that time has been a reproduction or revision of the Byington translation—until now.

In the first new English-language translation since 1907, egoist anarchist author and historian Wolfi Landstreicher has brought forward both the form and the intent of Stirner’s work. Where Byington downplayed or missed Stirner’s more biting criticisms and his humor, this new edition delivers every “occasional crudity” and all the “playful ferocity” found in the original German.

Every group demands loyalty, adherence to their notion of right and wrong, and most of all opposition to the out-group. The Unique and Its Property is an antidote to moralists of the sacred and the secular alike. It is an illuminating torch to light the lonely path of the intrepid individual, not incidentally also setting ablaze every prevailing politic and philosophy.



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Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies, comes with an exclusive facsimile edition of of the first issue of individualist anarchist Clarence L. Swartz’s “I” journal. Swartz was a long-time collaborator with Benjamin Tucker and author of the 1927 book What is Mutualism? The 8 page booklet is the 10th issuance of the Stand Alone series and is numbered SA1027.

*Thank you, those that have reached out to ask if we will be printing more hardbacks. The current plan is to create an index and then offer a pre-order period for a second limited edition that will contain the index and any corrections that need to be made (if needed). The index will be put online for free for those who are purchasing books in the meantime. There is no scheduled date, but it will certainly be unlikely to be completed in 2017.

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